An Introduction to Brecher

London, the home of Brecher, remains a worldwide centre for real estate and finance and financial services. Notwithstanding recent political uncertainty, the UK still benefits from high levels of inward investment, particularly in relation to real estate. The sector has also retained its place as a key asset class for domestic operators and investors.  Brecher operates in the heart of this dynamic industry.

The firm has developed over the past two decades into a brand known for legal excellence and outstanding client service. It has expanded from its roots as a specialist real estate practice into a much broader firm, whilst keeping its focus fixed firmly on the real estate sector. Brecher now provides advice in many more areas, including  banking and finance, corporate, tax, insolvency, dispute resolution, planning, private wealth and construction,  all of which complement the firm’s core real estate capability.

Why Brecher Is Distinctive & Successful

The firm is valued for its strategic and proactive approach. Its lawyers are trained to work as an integral part of the client’s team and to keep in mind the client’s financial priorities and business objectives. The goal is to provide clear, straightforward legal advice, together with strategic recommendations where necessary.

Brecher’s clients often benefit from introductions to the firm’s international network of contacts, both through its lawyers and also its close association with Brecher Connect LLP, an entity created with a view to effecting introductions and opportunities by the founding partners of Brecher .

Using this integrated approach,  Brecher and its clients have been able to thrive and be a part of the continuing and continued evolution of the UK’s varied and ever-changing real estate and finance markets.