Brecher’s construction team acts for clients in all industry sectors and their client base includes developers, banks, contractors, specialist sub-contractors, consultants, and end-users.The team’s expertise embraces all aspects of a construction project, from inception to completion.

The construction team is experienced in drafting and negotiating all types of contract documents, and dealing with all aspects of contentious construction law, for projects both domestic and international.

Brecher has a large contractor, developer and banking client base which requires specialist construction and procurement advice. The construction team works closely with the real estate development and real estate finance teams in order to provide clients with a seamless and joined-up service.

Clients often require Brecher to start advising at the very beginning of the procurement process and the firm regularly deals with:

  • Procurement / contract strategies
  • Drafting and advising in relation to all types of building and engineering contracts
  • Development agreements / development management agreements
  • Pre-construction services agreements / letters of intent
  • Drafting and advising on all types of professional appointment documents
  • Collateral warranties and third party rights
  • Performance guarantees / bonds

Brecher also helps when problems arise on projects, advising clients on their rights and obligations. The primary focus is on resolving legal issues by a commercial, and not just a legalistic approach. We deal with claims of varying size and complexity, to include disputes relating to extensions of time, loss and expense, interim and final account payments, structural and groundwork defects and professional negligence.

We provide ongoing advice and resolve any disputes which cannot be settled during the course of the project by adopting the most effective and appropriate tactics and strategy for the case in question to include:

  • Mediation
  • Expert determination
  • Early neutral evaluation
  • Adjudication
  • Court proceedings, and
  • Arbitration

For further information please contact Michael Nee