London Legal Walk 2015

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On Monday 18 May a team from Brecher successfully completed the 10K London Legal Walk raising £1,800 in support of the London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity which helps the poorest and most vulnerable people in our community gain access to justice. The London Legal Support Trust’s grants and… Continue reading →

What do you mean I don’t need planning permission?

In the labyrinthine world of planning laws, there are certain provisions which allow you to change the use of the building without having to apply for planning permission. These are known as permitted development rights. You may have come across them in the context of the slightly controversial “office to… Continue reading →

Last day at MIPIM

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Apologies for lateness today. Anyone at MIPIM will understand why. Frankly, you’re lucky to be getting a blog at all. It’s the last day and I see groups of men standing on street corners with suitcases, quietly waiting for their taxis to the airport. They replace the night time corner-dwellers,… Continue reading →

MIPIM – Day 3

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Forced to wake up at the ungodly hour of 8am to attend a breakfast I wonder what sort of sadist thinks that 9am on the Thursday of MIPIM is an acceptable start time. I tweet this. When I get to the restaurant, the subject of Twitter comes up and my host… Continue reading →

MIPIM – Day 1

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Just a single glance at the overstuffed diary makes me feel a little anxious. I work out that this is my 19th MIPIM, and that we were in another century when I first started my annual pilgrimage to the Croisette. Things were very different back then in 1996, when my… Continue reading →

Focus: Signed, sealed, delivered

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Serving a notice is easy, right?  You type it up, check it through and pop it in the post to the recipient. Done and dusted with no need to take legal advice on such a simple process.  Until a few months later when the recipient claims not to have received… Continue reading →