Entrepreneurs: The Pitfalls of Starting Up

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Entrepreneurs are, by definition, driven and ambitious and usually have an excellent grasp of their industry, gained either through experience or thorough research. Despite this, many are surprisingly unsophisticated when it comes to identifying the legal pitfalls associated with starting and growing a new business. Shared horror stories reveal surprisingly… Continue reading →


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The property developer thought it wasn’t up to much and wanted to go home because he had a sore throat. But there was an architects’ party to go to and well, you never know. And I suspect that the ‘well, you never know’ factor was behind many a decision to… Continue reading →

El sueño de la razón produce monstruos: How the Mansion Tax will not lie down and die

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We don’t know whether Labour Councillor Claire Reynolds is an aficionado of Goya’s etchings, but her latest proposals could have been inspired by one of his most famous epitaphs, says Anthony Hennessy… To paraphrase (but only slightly) the opening of LP Hartley’s The Go Between, “The North is a foreign… Continue reading →

Take a Running Jump: Why we don’t need Brussels’ property market advice

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The European Commission is attempting to interfere and meddle from across the North Sea, in a highly sophisticated and particularly specialised local market, the dynamics of which it simply does not understand. Thank goodness we have Boris on our side, says Valerie Brecher. ‘Take a running jump’ responded Boris Johnson… Continue reading →